Welcome to my new and improved website! Thanks to the hard work of Zone Enterprises, I'm able to unveil a whole new look and much richer functionality. As my business developed over the last year, it became increasingly obvious that my previous site wasn't keeping pace with the evolving focus of Studio Scroggie and was just too limited in what it could do. I originally launched the website as a vehicle to showcase and sell my home furnishings and decor. It was a simple site created in iWeb and made so that an "amateur" like myself could update it regularly as I created new pieces and sold others. It was great for that purpose, but as my business moved more toward interior design and custom refinishing, I wanted a site that did a better job of showing my portfolio of work, rather than marketing each new item for sale. I also wanted to have a better visibility within the online marketplace for my design services, and that just wasn't possible with an iWeb website.

The new site was created to give you a sense of the range of my work and my sense of style. My Interior Design page explains some of my design services and gives you a peak at a few of my recent projects. It also allows you to request a portfolio of my work. In my Furniture Gallery and Mirror Gallery, I've chosen examples of some my favorite furnishings and mirrors and told you a little more about how they were produced. As my furnishings got more popular, it was increasingly hard to keep my inventory up. Instead, I began to focus more on doing custom rework for clients who supplied me with the "raw material," such as a dresser or coffee table they had found at a thrift store and wanted refinished. My new Custom Refinishing page gives you a sense of my process and the "reinvention" I can do.

My goal with the new site is to showcase the kind of work I do so that clients have a gallery of styles to look at if they would like to pursue a custom furnishing order or discuss how I might be able to help them with their interior design needs. I still highlight items I have for sale, but the new site better reflects my overall look and style. I welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy it.