It has been very satisfying to receive so many compliments from viewers of my website about the look and style of my furnishings. In fact, I'm having trouble creating pieces fast enough to keep up with demand. If you are someone who likes what you see on my website (see also portfolio for an idea of the range of my work), but the item or items are marked "sold," consider a couple of options: have me customize a piece for you or engage my design services. I am happy to take a piece of furniture you bring to me and give it a fresh, hip look. In recent weeks, I've redone thrift store dressers in fun colors and finishes, made "grandma's" old coffee table hip, and taken a large, but ordinary, IKEA mirror and made it really shine by silver-leafing the frame. I did each of these custom jobs for less than $150—redoing something you already have or redoing something you find at a thrift store can really be a great way to get the most for your money.

If you want more than just a piece of furniture, I'm also available to come to your home and offer design advice or rework pieces you have to give your place a fresh look. I can take the space and furnishings you have and rework them, edit them, paint them, "style" them, make small additions that have big impact, or create one-of-a-kind pieces for you. From Megu Restaurant's upstairs lounge where you can see a few of my pieces (pictured), or in one of the apartments I've helped redecorate, I specialize in reinventing interiors and furnishings so that they have a fun and funky look—stylish and chic, but also playful and unpretentious. As always, I'll work to give you the most look for the best possible price.